Paris Trophy 2021 – Rules



The « Paris Trophy » is an international audio visual competition and a meeting of authors, open to all amateur audio visual authors from all over the world.
The « Paris Trophy » is sponsored by the « French Photographic Federation » and the « International Federation of Photographic Art ».


The « Paris Trophy » is organized by a group composed of :

  • Philippe DELAPLACE
  • Michel PARET
  • Jean-Paul PETIT


A jury of five artistically competent people will view all the works received. Therefore, there will be no pre-selection.
Each juror will be asked to assess each production according to the following 4 criteria: Overall impact, AV construction, images and sound.
Videoconferencing meetings will be held so that jurors can freely exchange opinions and each person establishes their own ranking. The final prize list will be determined by discussion and consensus of the jurors. The jury will award prizes by category (image, soundtrack, creativity, etc.)

For the 2021 edition, the jury consists of:

  • Claudine Durand (France – Audiovisual author)
  • Ms Grazia Gamba (Italy – Professor of History and Francophone)
  • Richard Brown (England – Audiovisual author)
  • Philippe Degeeter (France – Audiovisual author)
  • Philippe Delaplace (France – Composer and Audiovisual author)

The « Paris Trophy » is placed under the patronage:

  • FPF under the number 2021/07
  • FIAP under the number 2021/148


  • The “Paris Trophy” a medal representing Gustave Eiffel, engraved with the author’s name will reward the winner of the grand prize.
  • THE FIAP medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze), the FPF Trophy, as well as FiAP ribbons will be awarded to the other winners in the order of the prize list.
  • The potential profit from the sum of the registration fees, less organisational costs, will be distributed to the top-ranking authors.


The contest

Terms of participation

  • The competition is open to all, except those involved in the organisation and the jury.
  • Registration is limited to one sequence per author. However, two sequences may be admitted if both works were produced by two or more co-authors.
  • Sequences which were entered in a previous edition of the « Paris Trophy » will not be accepted.
  • The subjects covered are free as long as they are not propaganda and do not infringe on propriety.
  • Only ‘single-screen’ entries are allowed. The entire work must be based on photographic still images, however the insertion of video clips is permitted if they are not predominant in the production.
  • The sequences must be presented in MP4, MPEG, WMV or, failing that, in the form of an EXE self-executing file.
  • If the file cannot be viewed correctly with the equipment available to the organizers, the sequence will not be admitted.
  • The maximum allowable duration is 12 minutes.

Composition of shipments

Shipments should include:

  • The sequence file
  • A poster of the sequence (jpeg format, dimensions 1920×1080 pixels)
  • A portrait of the author (jpeg format, dimensions 1920×1080 pixels)
  • A completed fact sheet, downloaded from the Paris Trophy website
  • Non-French-language works must be accompanied by a summary in French

Sending address

Shipments can be made:

  • By internet (WeTransfer)
  • By mail to : Objectif Image Paris Concours Trophée de Paris – 8 rue Brillat-Savarin – F75013 PARIS – France

Registration fees

Registration fees are set at:

  • €15 per entry

Registration fees can be paid:

  • By « Paypal » at :
  • By bank transfer: IBAN – FR38 2004 1,000 0101 8619 2N02 079 – BIC: PSSTFRPPPAR


Registration is complete when all items (sequence file, poster, author’s portrait, fact sheet, French summary if required, entry fee) have reached the organisers. The closing date is April 30, 2021.

A PDF catalogue will be sent to all participants.
This catalogue will be downloadable on the « Paris Trophy » website.

Preservation of works
Participants in the « Paris Trophy » allow organizers to use their works in public sessions or to promote the discipline.
The organizers undertake not to pass the works on to third parties or to place them on the Internet without the author’s permission.

The « Paris Trophy » Festival

Date and place

A day of projection and discussion will be held on Saturday, May 29, 2021.

  • Studio Raspail – 216 Boulevard Raspail – 75014 PARIS


  • The day will be devoted to the projection on the large screen of a important selection of the works received, whether the author is present or not. The order of the screenings will be chosen by the organisers.
  • Announcement of the prize list
  • The floor will be given to the spectators and authors present for a brief, free discussion.
  • The presence of the authors is of course desired !


Unless otherwise indicated by the authors, they agree that their work be placed on the Trophy channel (YouTube) for 3 months following the publication of the results

Processing personal data

The organisers are committed, in the context of the « Paris Trophy » and in accordance with the legislation in force in France and Europe, to ensure the protection, confidentiality and security of the personal data of the participants, as well as to respect their privacy.

To this end, the aims pursued by the « Paris Trophy » are:

  • Organize an audiovisual competition, public screenings in the presence, if possible, of the authors for a friendly exchange.
  • Inform participants of these events.
  • The data processed are:
  • The audiovisual productions entered into the « Paris Trophy » by their authors.
  • Posters of sequences.
  • The fact sheets of these sequences.
  • Images of the authors’ portraits.
  • The authors’ email addresses.

Authors have the right to access, correct and delete data about themselves by contacting:
Authors can unsubscribe themselves directly from the « Paris Trophy » website by clicking on the « unsubscribe » link at the bottom of the website.
The data will kept for the duration of the « Paris Trophy » and for a maximun of 6 months after the event has taken place.

Participation in the « Paris Trophy » implies acceptance:

  • Of these regulations
  • The authors’ personal data should be processed by the organisers according to the purposes pursued.


Participation in the « Paris Trophy »

  • It is conditional on compliance with intellectual property law, people’s image rights and the right to privacy.
  • The works presented are supposed to be free of all artistic or other property rights that may be held by third parties.
  • Implies that the author, if applicable, holds the necessary rights and permissions

Because of their participation, the authors undertake to guarantee the organisers against any action that might be taken against them by the potential rights holders. Organisers will not be held responsible in any event of a dispute.