Paris Trophy 2023 – Rules

The “Trophée de Paris” is an international competition for short photo films (photographic films) open to amateur authors from all over the world.
The “Trophée de Paris” is placed under the patronage of the “Fédération Photographique de France” and the “Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique”.
The “Trophée de Paris” is organized by a collective composed of:
• Philippe DELAPLACE
• Michel PARET
• Jean-Paul PETIT

A jury, made up of five people competent in the artistic fields, will view all the works received. There is no preselection.

Meetings by videoconference will be organized so that the jurors freely exchange their opinions and establish the final prize list.

For the 2023 edition, the jury is composed of:
• Ms. Carine Pinot (France – Actress)
• Ms. Francesca Gernetti (Italy- Audiovisual Producer)
• Mr. Christian Matthys (France – Audiovisual director)
• Mr Andrew Gagg (England – Audiovisual Producer)
• Mr. Philippe Delaplace (France – Composer and audiovisual director)

The “Trophée de Paris” is placed under the patronage of:
• of the FPF under number 2023/006
• of FIAP under number 2023/135

• The Grand Prix materialized by a personalized Paris mint medal.
• FIAP medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
• The FPF trophy,
• 6 FIAP honorable mentions (Blue ribbons).


• Deadline for receipt of works: May 15, 2023
• Publication of the winners: June 5, 2023

• Website:
• Information:
• Registration:

Conditions of participation
• The competition is open to everyone, with the exception of those involved in the organization, jurors and their family members.
• Registration is limited to one edit per author. However, two edits per author may be accepted if the two works have been produced by two or more co-authors.
• Edits that have been entered in a previous edition of the “Trophée de Paris” will not be accepted.
• The topics covered are free as long as they are not propaganda and do not undermine decorum.
• The entire work must be based on the photographic still image. The insertion of video sequences is allowed if it is not preponderant in the assembly as a whole.
• The montages must be presented in MP4, MPEG, WMV format.
• If the file cannot be viewed properly with the hardware available to the hosts, the timeline will not be selected.
• The maximum duration allowed is 12 minutes.

Composition of shipments
Submissions must include:
• The photo short film file
• A poster of the montage (jpeg format, dimensions 1920×1080 pixels),
• A portrait of the author (jpeg format, dimensions 1920×1080 pixels),
• An identification sheet to download from the website
• A text or a presentation of the montage in Word form (for translation purposes for the members of the jury)

Mailing address
Shipments can be made:
• By Internet (WeTransfer) at the following address:
• By post to the following address:
Objective Image Paris – Paris Trophy Competition – 8 rue Brillat-Savarin – F75013 PARIS

Registration fees
Registration fees are set at:
• €15 per sequence

Registration fees can be paid:
• By “Paypal” to the address:
• By bank transfer: IBAN – FR38 2004 1 000 0101 8619 2N02 079 – BIC: PSSTFRPPPAR
• By check payable to: Objectif Image Paris – 8 rue Brillat-Savarin – F75013 PARIS

Deadline for receipt
Registration is definitively registered when all the elements (assembly, form, registration fees) have reached the organizers and in any case, before May 15, 2023

A catalog in PDF form will be sent to all participants.
This catalog can be downloaded from the “Trophée de Paris” website.

Preservation of works
Participants in the “Trophée de Paris” authorize the organizers to use their works during public sessions or to promote the discipline.
The organizers undertake not to transmit the works to third parties.
Unless otherwise stated by the author, the organizers are authorized to distribute the works on the Youtube channel of the “Trophée de Paris” after the announcement of the winners.

Processing of personal data

The organizers undertake, within the framework of the “Trophée de Paris” and in accordance with the legislation in force in France and Europe, to ensure the protection, confidentiality and security of participants’ personal data, as well as to respect their privacy.
To this end, the purposes pursued by the “Trophée de Paris” are as follows:
• Organize an audiovisual competition, public screenings in the presence, if possible, of the directors for a convivial exchange.
• Inform participants of these events.
The data processed are:
• Audiovisual productions entered in the “Trophée de Paris” by their authors.
• Posters of achievements.
• The descriptive sheets of these achievements. The images of the portraits of the authors.
• The email addresses of the authors.
The authors have the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning them by contacting:
Authors can unsubscribe themselves and directly from the “Trophée de Paris” site by clicking on the word “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the publication.
The data is kept for the duration of the “Trophée de Paris” and at the latest
6 months after the decision of the organizers to put an end to it.

Participation in the “Trophée de Paris” implies acceptance of:
• Of this regulation
• That the personal data of the authors are processed by the organizers according to the purposes pursued.


Participation in the “Paris Trophy”
• Is subject to compliance with the provisions on intellectual property rights, personal image rights and the right to respect for private life.
• The works presented are deemed to be free of all artistic or other property rights that third parties may hold.
• Implies that the author, where applicable, holds the necessary rights and authorizations

By the very fact of their participation, the authors undertake to guarantee the organizers against any action that could be brought against them by any rights holders. The organizers cannot in any way be held responsible in the event of a dispute or dispute.

Documents à consulter

 AV Conditions d’application et réglementation pour l’organisation d’événements audiovisuels internationaux (FIAP DOC 2013/314 )

Conditions et règlement du Patronage FIAP (FIAP DOC 018/2017 )

Sanctions pour violation des règlements FIAP et de la « liste rouge » (FIAP DOC 033/2021)