The « Trophée de Paris » is an international competition of AV sequences  and a meeting of authors, open to all audiovisual authors, amateurs and professionals, from all over the world.
The « Trophée de Paris » is sponsored by the « Fédération Photographique de France » and the « Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique ».
It is organized by a collective composed of 4 independent people:


Michel PARET
Jean Paul PETIT


A – The competition

The competition is open to all, with the exception of those involved in the organization and pre-selection.
The competition consists of several evaluation sessions, one organized by each of the organization leaders. Each evaluation panel is freely composed by the relevant responsible organiser, and includes at least 8 people. All panel members receive the same general information about each sequence and about the evaluation method. The sequences and the presentation order are the same for each panel.

At the end of the evaluation sessions, each jury member individually and secretly establishes his own grading. Final prize list will be obtained by calculating the harmonic average of places given by the jury members (first place gives one point, second, ½ point, third 1/3 point….). The winning sequence will be the one getting the highest harmonic average.

B – Authors’ meetings

The authors’ meeting takes place during the public « Trophée de Paris” show, on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at Studio Raspail, 216 Boulevard Raspail, Paris 14.

The sequences of all the authors present will be shown in public, on a large screen. A discussion conducted by a facilitator will be carried on with the audience. The results of the festival will be annouced and in the evening the Trophee de Paris will be presented to the winner at the end of the third performance.


Only one sequence per author will be admitted. In the case of co-authors, two sequences may be selected if both are produced by two or more co-authors.

Sequence having competed in a previous edition of the « Trophée de Paris » will not be accepted.
Topics are free as long as they are not propaganda and do not violate propriety.

Only « mono-screen » is allowed. The entire work must be based on the still photographic image, but the insertion of video sequences can be tolerated if it is not preponderant throughout the montage.

Sequences shall be presented as an auto-executable file (exe or mpeg or mp4 extensions). Sequences that can not be properly projected with the equipment available to the organizers will be rejected.

The maximum allowed length is 12 minutes.

Uploading files through the Internet is recommended, using online registration available on the « Trophée de Paris » website.

For the mailings, the sequences, engraved on CD, must reach the organizers to the following address:
Objectif Image Paris – Concours Trophée de Paris – 8 rue Brillat Savarin – F75013 PARIS.

Each sequence shall be accompanied by an identification sheet, the model of which may be downloaded on the « Trophée de Paris » website.

The registration fee is set at € 15 per set-up

Registration fees can be paid:
– By « Paypal » directly on the site.
– Wire Transfer.

The registration is definitively recorded when all the elements (sequence, fiche, registration fees) have reached the organizers before the deadline of 9 April 2018.

Registration is successful when all the elements (sequence, identification sheet, registration fees) are received by the organizers before the deadline.

The deadline for registration is April 8, 2019

Authors shall send a summary in French or in English. The organisers are not in a position to provide a translator for any other language. To facilitate comprehension by the French audience, it is highly advisable to subtitle non-French speaking sequences in French or at least in English.


In order to enable the organisation of the evaluation session on a single day, i.e. ca. 5 hours, a pre-selection will be performed under the responsibility of the organisers according to the following principles :
There will be only one pre-selection common to all panels ;
Innovation, originality, quality and novelty will be the main selection criteria ;
Compatibility with available equipment (graphical cards and projectors).

At least one organizer, responsible for pre-selection, must participate in one of the juries

Correspondence – Information

All messages and inquiries will be made by electronic mail and via the website.

Emails shall be sent to the following address :

Information related to the « Trophée de Paris » is available on the website at the following address :

Patronage and awards

The « Trophy of Paris » is placed under the patronage of the FPF under number 2019-08 And under the patronage of FIAP under number 2019-108.
A personalized medal of the currency of Paris characterizing the « Trophy of Paris » will reward the winner of the grand prize. The FIAP medals, the FPF prize and the FIAP honors will be awarded to the other winners in the ranking

A medal from the Paris Mint characterizing the « Trophée de Paris » will award the winner.

Any financial benefit resulting from the balance between the registration rights and the organization fees will be distributed to the authors topping the charts.

Notifications shall be distributed according to the following scale:
– the first 15 will be « awarded »
– the following (half of the works received, minus 15) will be « accepted ».
All works participating in the « Trophée de Paris » will receive a commemorative diploma.


This will include:
– the list of works and authors awarded,
– the alphabetical list drawn up by country and by authors with the titles of the accepted works,
– a statistical table of the event.
This catalog will be downloadable on the « Trophée de Paris » website.


Sequences participating in the « Trophée de Paris » are supposed to be free from all artistic or any other property rights held by third parties.

By their very participation, the authors commit themselves to guarantee the organizers against any action brought against them by any beneficiaries. The organizers may in no way whatsoever be held responsible in cases of dispute or litigation.


The organizers reserve the right to retain the works participating in the « Trophée de Paris » and are allowed to use them during private or public entertainment or promotion sessions.

The organizers undertake not to transmit the works to third parties or place them on the Internet without the authorization of the author.


  • – deadline for the registration and reception of works: April 8, 2019.
  • – preselections: mid-April 2019.
  • – judgments: first week of May 2019.
  • – meeting with the authors, projections and awards: June 1st, 2019.
  • – notifications: end of June 2019.
  • – distribution of catalogs, prizes and honors: end of June 2019.

Participation in the « Trophée de Paris » implies acceptance of these rules by the authors.